Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ride Report(s)

Who's got two thumbs and is taking advantage of a little time off? This guy right here!

Tuesday's FT3 Roll:
What appeared at first to be a small outing rounded out to a pretty standard gathering. NoCar, RG, and I met at the Mosquito Lot and were joined by B just before rolling up the hill. There we met up with Xterric pulling a full kit for the drive up! The five of us rolled out on a night of perfect weather! We climbed up the sub-qualifier via the lake loop warm up and then the Park Creek Sneak to a new trail "The Ghetto" that quickly took us through a Pollywood 'hood. Xterric left a little skin in the 'hood prior to our departure and will have some cool stories of being chased by dogs and Pollywoodians when asked about his scars. From there we dropped B is for Barf and then hit a complete Lake Loop from there. The night was too perfect to stop so were headed out #8 for Palin's where LOtB went down...yes I went down, LOtB style, on Palin's! We continued down on Blairs and then decided to check on the spill way...dry?!?!?! Again being too perfect to stop, we exited the ride by hitting Back Door and Road Kill.

Taco's were a bit slow on the the delivery, which allowed Ghost to get comfy after his road ride up to the Knot. B and Ghost got some new fangled crispy shells and questioned their origins? Xterric put in a late taco order and B and I were happy keep a brother company while he ate his tacos. We talked and got on a calendar for late July and reverse Happy Valley CX ride ending at the Happy Valley Brewery.

Wednesday's "Work" Ride:
NoCar, and I joined B for a "work" outing up to Camp Creek to check out a bridge. This is the third day in a row that NoCar and B have put in some big climbing and logged real miles! I was only able to join up to the Starks cut off. There was word of a Ghost connection but he had not caught on by the time I peeled off. NoCar took the Camino sprint as I timed my surprise attack way too early. The talk of the river cooled Steel Reserve was tempting but I had to get home.

Thursday's Cross Adventure:
Tomorrow will feature a cross outing calendared by NoCar earlier this summer. This weeks route will be more of an urban assault exploring some possible dirt road connectors. It looks like departure time will be at about 1:30.

Sunday's Ride:
A 7:30 Sunday gathering is still protocol. However, I will be heading south on 49 for a family house-boating trip early Saturday am. I put out a 5 am roll out call and will see if anyone bites.

Until We Ride,


  1. Here are the ride map and stats.

    I think the Cap'n supplied fresh raw greens helped with the leg tune-up ride.

    Lot's of summer ride activity going down, and many FT3'ers fit enough to do the Death Ride.

    My entry is for sale - let me know and pass the word. It's a poor trade off, Death Ride versus 45 min Criterium, but 'easy' points are calling, and I'm not quite hard enough to pull of both with success.

  2. If having you on my 'tail' will get my heart to 195 BPM, I'll pay for all your race entry fees.

  3. How much for a death ride ticket and when is it...

  4. Glad the saled made the blog