Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chain Control Ahead!

Due to Comcast's drop of signal, this post has been delayed a fair bit.

In the end, NoCar took the style factor to a whole new level with the wool sweater vest, I believe he attended a few board meetings on the way home, just cause he could! The ride was fantastic: a good wintry mix saw us off and then it was dry for the remainder of the ride! The trails were soggy in spots but over all good.

Councilman and NoHandle showed for tacos. NoHandle did complete the Mosquito to Knot Hole ride. Councilman showed with a collection of sauces from his AZ road trip. The African sauce is still bringing it!

NoCar (Mr. Style), Bambi, B, Xterric, and me.

Post Qualifier, Picnic Table Graveyard, Sub Qualifier, B is for Barf, Picnic Table Graveyard, Lake Loop, Horse Trail, Lake Loop, Rufus', Fleming, Palin's Plunge, Blairwitch, Home.

Contador out for the season! Hand surgery! Radioshack gave me the call, I am off to Flanders this weekend. Enjoy the day!

Until we ride,


  1. "when a person's heart can hold different conflicting things, that person begins to become valuable"

  2. Anyone ride this weekend. RG and I got out for a sacred Sunday ride.

  3. rode to Auburn via Folsom, with lots of side routes. Except for Aub-Folsom, no one was out... It was nice! I think I saw one of RG's teamates though, going to opposite direction on Aub Folsom